1) Foreign passport

- The passport must be valid at least three months after the date of leaving Schengen area;

- The passport has to be issued during the last 10 years;

- The passport must have minimum 2 free pages;

2) Visa Application Form

- Visa Application Form has to be signed and filled correctly, without omissions, with precise indication of the period of stay. You may receive Visa Application form at the Consular Department of the Embassy of Hungary, or it can be downloaded from the following link

http://konzuliszolgalat.kormany.hu/visa-application-forms - choosing the type “Application for a visa authorising a stay shorter than 3 months” print the application at any of the suggested languages (preferably, in English), it is necessary to fill it only in English language (Name and Last Name must be filled as in foreign passport);

3) Photo:

- 1 color photo (size 3,5x4,5) on the white background taken within the last 3 months. Photo must be glued to the application;

4) Travel insurance (medical):

- Travel insurance must be valid for the whole period of stay on the territory of all member states of Schengen area covering the costs on medical prescriptions and transfer to the homeland with a minimum sum of 30.000 EURO.

The Hungarian Consulate provides a corridor for a period of two weeks with single-entry visas in case of medical insurance for this period (the period of stay in the Schengen zone remain unchanged)

5) Following document is required for the short term Schengen visa with purpose of Medical treatment:

  1. Document about the diagnosis and treatment from the doctor in Hungary describing where and how the treatment will be done as well as the cost of treatment.
  2. Document from the Medical entity in Hungary about the hospitalization dates of patient (entry and exit dates from the hospital), what kind of treatment procedure the patient will undergo and the cost of treatment.

6) Following information is required about the place of stay in Hungary:

- If accomodation is provided by the organization then the name, address and contact details of the hotel must be noted in the official invitation;

- In other cases, hotel reservation (applicant’s full name, duration of stay and hotel’s contacts should be included) from booking.com or another system should be presented (bookings from Airbnb.com are not recommended to present).

Attention! You should NOT make the payment of return ticket and hotel at the initial submission of documents. However, applicants are recommended to make booking from a hotel which can present invoice at any time upon Consul’s request later.   

7) Copy of following documents are necessary:

1. foreign passport (page(s) with information and signature of passport holder); and copy of all Shengen visas recieved within the last 3 years, if exists;

2. ID card;

3. Travel insurance (according to the clause 4);

4.  Booking of return flight ticket;

5. When travelling with spouse, copy of marriage certificate, with the notary confirmed translation into English language. (Please, note if the last name after official marriage registration has been changed then all the documents (national ID, passport, return ticket booking and etc.) should be as in marriage certificate)

8) For the proof of financial provision, it’s recommended to present the following documents:

- For those who has a job - the original reference from the workplace, including reference number, salary, VOEN, the address and contact information of the employee (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language); and work reference with the indication of salary or reference about contract with the employer from e-government portal (www.e-gov.az), in Azerbaijani language; Both work references should be issued within last 1 month.

- For individual private businessmen – it is necessary to present the certificate about registration of the company (VÖEN) with the notary confirmed translation into English language and a reference from the Ministry of Tax of AR about the tax report for last 6 months (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language); Documents must confirm not only that there are no debts, but also show the amount of income.

-For individual private entrepreneurs – the statement from registry with the notary confirmed translation into English language.

- For pensioners – Reference from the State Social Protection Fund under the Labor and Population’s Protection Ministry of AR which underlines the amount of pension (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language);

- For students a reference letter from the place of study in English, or with the notary confirmed translation into English language: address and contacts of the institution, signature and stamp of the person in charge and reference to the Embassy should be noted in the letter. If it is impossible to present this kind of document due to national holidays or vacations then copy of student card should be presented (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language).

In a view of  lack of income, for the student it`s necessary to present a sponsorship letter about coverage of all costs from one of his/her parents or grandparents with notary confirmed translation into English language. Additionally, copy of that person’s ID card, work and bank references (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language). Also, birth certificate of the student and other relevant documents proving family ties should be included to the documents (if not in English - with the notary confirmed translation into English language).

For all categories, it is necessary - the bank reference (with the full information about current bank account issued within last 1 month) and its statement of last 3-6 months (if not in English - with the notary confirmed translation into English language);

All the copies has to be provided in A4 format

Documents sent from Hungary are accepted in scan (printed) version.

Consul may require additional documents, if necessary.

If the person is not the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, there has to be submitted a legal document (i.e. residence permit), confirming legitimate staying on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The legal document has to be valid at least 3 months after the return from Schengen Zone.