The Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Baku will be closed during official national holidays (non-working days) of Azerbaijan.

Below, please, find the schedule of non-working days of the embassy and consular section, related to the national holidays of Hungary for 2019.

10th of June 2019.

20th  of August 2019.

23rd of October 2019.

1st   of November 2019.

24-25-26th of December 2019.

1st  of January 2020.

Attention! BLS International company will accept visa documents during Hungarian national holidays.

Also, please be informed, that from 17th of May 2019 visa documents will be accepted only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. From 17th of May 2019 visa documents will not be accepted on Fridays any more.


The Embassy of Hungary in Baku would like to draw the attention of the applicants, that besides the Consular section of the Embassy, you may also apply for Schengen visa for the purpose of tourism at the office of the BLS International.

For visa application at the BLS International, applicants should book an appointment at the following link:

Please, find below contact details of the BLS International LLC:

Address: the Dalga Plaza, Neftchilar Ave. 24, Baku AZ1000, Azerbaijan

Tel: +994 12 511 1218; e-mail:




1) You should make an appointment at and come to the Consular Department of the Embassy of Hungary on the given date and time  to apply for visa. Irrespective of the age every applicant must take an appointment. 15 minutes is distributed for application process of each applicant.

2) Applicant should personally submit his/her documents at the Consular Department of the Embassy of Hungary. Fingerprints of the applicant will be taken during submission of documents;

3) Applicant should submit his/her documents at the Consular Department of the Embassy of Hungary in the following order:

1. application form

2. copy of ID (national identification card)

3. copy of Passport

4. school reference (if necessary)

5. marriage certificate, in English with notary approval (if necessary)

6. work reference

7. bank reference for last 3-6 months

8. hotel booking

9. return ticket booking

10. copy of travel insurance

4) Application review process:

Applicants may submit documents maximum 3 month and minimum 10 (calendar) days before his/her planned flight date. According to the new rule from December 1, 2017 – the application review process takes minimum 10 (calendar) days. Application review process requires minimum 15 (calendar) days and longer for citizens of foreign countries living in Azerbaijan.

5) Visa fee:

Visa fee for applicants over 12 years old is 35 euro. Visa fee is not required in the following cases: children under 12 years old, pensioners and other people who recieve sosial benefits and present offical reference about it from the State Social Protection Fund under the Labor and Population’s Protection Ministry of AR (if not in English - with the notary confirmed translation into English language).

Visa fee is also NOT required in the following cases:

  1. In case of invitation of parents by their children or children by their parents who has permanent or temporary residence in Hungary (see detailed information on the 7th clause of “The list of documents required for the short-term schengen visa (C) application with the purpose – Visit);
  2. In case of support letter from relevant Sports Federations of Hungary and Azerbaijan;
  3. In case of invitation from international intergovernmental organizations, certain state structures of Hungary, as well as conferences or trainings supported by the Council of Europe and the European Union.   

Visa fee is 60EURO for citizens of countries which do NOT have visa regime facilitation agreement with the European Union.

After sumbission of documents, the applicant will receive a cheque for payment of visa fee. The visa fee payment is done ONLY at the Head Office of Azerbaijan International Bank located at Nizami str. 67. The applicant must present payment receipt to the Consular Department on the same day.

6) You may apply for Schengen Visa (C) at Consular Department of Hungary in 2 cases:

      - If Hungary is the purpose of your visit (main destination in Shengen area);

- If you plan to visit several countries along with Hungary then Hungary must be the country of the first entry and number of days in Hungary must be equal to the number of days in other countries.

7) Refusal Appeal Procedure:

 In case of refusal, every applicant has the right to appeal the decision. The detailed information you can find in Refusal Appeal Procedure under the Consular information of the website.

Please, find information about visa procedure and list of documents here: