Entry rules to Hungary

1. General Provisions

This decree applies to border crossing for unofficial purposes.

In applying this Decree, the following persons are treated as Hungarian citizens:

- those foreigners and their family members who have the right of permanent residence in Hungary in case they confirm this right with an official document, or

- those who have the right to stay more than 90 days in Hungary and this is confirmed by an official document issued by the immigration authority (with a valid residence permit issued in Hungary and presented at the border of the country. This group also includes students holding visa D with study purpose).

2. These Rules do not apply to:

- crossing the border in freight traffic,

- trips abroad with an official passport,

-  persons who, upon entering Hungary, reliably prove that they have already been recovered from COVID-19 within 6 months prior to submission of their applications.

In accordance with these rules, crossing the border with a personal passport and other travel documents for the purpose of an official visit is allowed.

3. Rules for entry for Hungarian citizens and those who have the right to stay more than 90 days in Hungary and this is confirmed by a document issued by the immigration authority (with a valid residence permit issued in Hungary and presented at the border of the country. This group also includes students holding visa D with study purpose) to Hungary.

Hungarian and foreign citizens (see above) arriving from abroad:

a) if the person has a place of residence or stays in the country, must remain in a mandatory home quarantine for 14 days,

b) if there is no place of residence or stay in Hungary, the person will be placed in epidemiological quarantine appointed by the competent authority for 14 days.

The epidemiological authority registers persons placed to quarantine and official home quarantine.

From the mandatory quarantine citizen could be released, if the citizen passes the molecular biological test twice, with an interval of at least 48 hours in Hungary (no foreign tests are accepted). The costs of the molecular tests will be covered by the citizens. The epidemiological authority upon request allows the citizens to leave the place of residence or stay only for the passing of the tests.


You are required to submit all the documents scanned (including the visa application form) via e-mail 5 working days ahead of your visa appointment. Scanning your documents in advance will speed up the application process!

Scanned Document Guidelines:

  • The scanned documents must match the required hard copies;
  • The scanned documents must be in pdf format;
  • All documents should be scanned in maximum 3 separate files, (File1: application form + ID/passport copies; File2: insurance and accomodation certificate; File3: rest of the supporting documents);
  • The total size of all files combined should be no larger than 8 MB;
  • Applicants must ensure that no parts or pages of the documents are missing and the images/text are clear/readable;
  • The documents should be submitted to the e-mail address consular.bku@mfa.gov.hu
  • The subject of the e-mail should be the date of the visa appointment and the name of the applicant (E.g.: 30.09.2020 - Üzeyir Hacıbəyli)
  • Documents not received in time, unreadable or incomplete will be required to be rescanned and resent which may result in a delay in the application process;  

You can apply for consular services by sending a message to the consulate's email address (consular.bku@mfa.gov.hu). When applying, you must write your details and passport number.

In all cases when submitting applications for a visa, it is the applicants’ responsibility to be aware of the actual conditions and restrictions on traveling to and transiting through Hungary as well as entering third countries.

Sanitary rules at the Consulate of Hungary for visiting clients:

- Only as many clients can be present in the reception area that allows maintaining the distance of at least 1.5 m between them;

- The use of hand sanitizer is mandatory upon entering the reception area;

- Clients can enter the reception area only wearing a mask;

- The Consulate is not responsible for providing the mask to the client. If the client does not have a mask, entry is prohibited, and it is necessary to request a new reception date;

- Before taking fingerprints, applicants should always sanitize their hands with the sanitizer provided by the Consulate;

- The surface of the fingerprint reader of the biometric device is disinfected by consular officers before each use; 


1) Foreign passport

- The passport must be valid at least three months after the date of leaving Schengen area;

- The passport has to be issued during last 10 years;

- The passport must have minimum 2 free pages;

2) Visa Application Form

- Visa Application Form has to be signed and filled correctly, without omissions, with precise indication of the period of stay. Please, click on File 1 and File 2 (for emloyment) File 3 and File 4 (for private business) to download the Visa Application form. For further information, you may also check the following website http://www.bmbah.hu.

3) Photo:

- 2 color photos (size 3,5x4,5) on the white background taken within the last 6 months. 1 photo must be glued to the application and the other included in the documents;

4) Medical insurance:

If the applicant’s medical insurance for Hungary is covered by the employee or he/she has a valid medical insurance for one year then it should be presented or information about it should be included in the invitation letter provided by the employee. And, if it is valid not later than the date of flight then this document is sufficient. But, in case of absense of this information or if the insurance is valid in the later date than the planned flight then 30 days travel insurance in the sum of no less 30.000 Euro which covers medical expenses (insurance should take effect starting from the date of entrance to the territory of all member states of Schengen area) must be presented.

5) Following document is required for the longterm Schengen visa with purpose of Employment or Private Business:

5.1.  For the purpose of Employment:

1. Diploma about Education;

2. Initial employment agreement;

3. Other documents should be prepared by the employee according to the law of Hungary and presented to the applicant;

5.2. For the purpose of Private Business:

 In this case, a lawyer in Hungary should prepare all the documents accoridng to the law of Hungary;

6) Following information is required about the place of stay in Hungary:

- If the applicant has a house/apartment in Hungary: the relevant document about it and property document issued within the last 1 month.

- If the applicant rents a place then it’s necessary to present agreement with the owner and property document issued within the last 1 month.

- If the applicant stays with the relatives or friends then it’s necessary to present: 1) Invitation letter from house/apartment owner in Hungarian. The invitation letter must include name and signature of the owner and 2 witnesses. Additionally, it must include: a) information about the owner and invited people; b) address of owner, contact number, e-mail; c) planned dates of stay of guests. Also, name, last name, number of ID card or other official document allowing to reside in the territory of the European Union (scanned copy of that document must be presented), address, contact number, e-mail of 2 witnesses. Copy of temporary or permanent residence card of inviting party should be presented; 2) Property document issued within the last 1 month from the owner should be presented.

7)  Financial provision is confirmed by the following:

- For those who has a job - the original reference from the workplace, including reference number, salary, VOEN, the address and contact information of the employee (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language), and work reference from e-government portal (www.e-gov.az) with the indication of salary;

- For individual private businessmen – it is necessary to present the certificate about registration of the company (VÖEN) with the notary confirmed translation into English language and official letter from the Ministry of Tax of AR about the tax report for last 6 months (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language);  

- For individual private entrepreneurs – the statement from registry with the notary confirmed translation into English language

- For pensioners – Reference from the State Social Protection Fund under the Labor and Population’s Protection Ministry of AR which underlines the amount of pension (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language);

- For students a letter from the place of study (in english, or with the notary confirmed translation into English language): address and contacts of the institution, signature and stamp of the person in charge and reference to the Embassy should be noted in the letter. If it is impossible to present this kind of document due to national holidays or vacations then copy of student card should be presented (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language).

In a view of  lack of income, for the student it`s necessary to present a sponsorship letter about coverage of all costs from one of his/her parents with notary confirmed translation into English language. Additionally, copy of that person’s ID card, work and bank references (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language). Also, birth certificate of the student should be included to the documents (if not in english - with the notary confirmed translation into English language).

For all categories, it is necessary - the bank reference (with the full information about current bank account) and its statement of last 6 months (if not in English - with the notary confirmed translation into English language);

8) Copy of following documents are necessary:

1. foreign passport (page(s) with information and signature of passport holder); and copy of all Shengen visas recieved within the last 3 years, if exists;

2. ID card;

3. Medical insurance for Shengen visa (according to the clause 4);

4. Flight ticket;

5. When travelling with spouse, copy of marriage certificate, with the notary confirmed translation into English language.

All the documents has to be provided in A4 format

Documents sent from Hungary are accepted in scan (printed) version.

The Consular Department of the Embassy of Hungary only accepts the documents and sends them to the Migration Department of Hungary. Thus, the decision regarding the visa is made by the Migration Department of Hungary not the Consular Department of the Embassy of Hungary.

Application review process takes up to 3 months.

Migration Department of Hungary may require additional documents.

If the person is not the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, there has to be submitted a legal document (i.e. residence permit), confirming legitimate staying on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The legal document has to be valid at least 3 months.