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Dear Visitor!

I welcome you to the website of the Embassy of Hungary in Baku, through which you can gain an insight into the entire relationship between Hungary and Azerbaijan.

The Hungarian-Azerbaijani relations are diverse and dynamic. They are not burdened with tensions or open questions. In fact, the common historical roots and the sympathy between our peoples provide an excellent basis for co-operation which has taken a strategic character in recent times – by the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership, signed in November 2014 in Budapest.

Azerbaijan is one of the key countries of Hungary’s "Eastern Opening" foreign economic initiative. Our bilateral trade is developing rapidly. In our economic relations we want to focus not just on boosting trade, but beyond it, on the development of investment, capital and service cooperation, as well as on long term-projects. There is a considerable potential for the development in our cooperation particularly for example in the sphere of the information technologies, energy, development of infrastructure, agro-food industry, health industry and Hungary’s participation in Azerbaijani comprehensive development programs.

As Ambassador of Hungary in Baku – beyond strengthening the Hungarian-Azerbaijani economic relations - I consider my priority task to deepen our relations in the field of culture, tourism, education and science which gained new momentum by the announced Hungarian scholarship program for Azerbaijani students in Hungary’s universities. By publishing information on our website we would like to help to develop direct contacts between Hungarian and Azerbaijani institutions, companies, organizations and civil societies.

Be our guest and visit our website, learn about the development of our relations with Azerbaijan. I hope that by browsing the website you will find useful information about Hungary and the Hungarian-Azerbaijani relations. If you do not find an answer to all your questions, please contact our colleagues by phone or send us a letter at our E-Mail address at mission.bku@mfa.gov.hu. Our aim is to widen the Hungarian-Azerbaijani cooperation by new areas and directions therefore we are grateful if you have any comments and suggestions to share with us on the further development of our relations.

Yours sincerely,

Imre Laszlóczki