• Separate appointment should be taken for children as for adults;
  • Visa Application Form has to be signed and filled correctly, without omissions, with precise indication of the period of stay;
  • 1 color photo (size 3,5x4,5) on white background, taken within the last 3 months. Photo must be glued to the application;
  • Other necessary documents should be included as well;
  • There is no need to bring children under 12 years to the Consular Department of Hungary, since there is no need for finger prints from them (but it is nessary to make a separate appointment and prepare separate application form with all the necessary documents for them);
  • Visa is free of charge for children under 12 years, but for children over 12 years the visa fee is 35 EURO.

2) List of necessary documents:

  • If the child travels with one of the parents then from the other parent there must be official permission letter issued by notary in English. In case of absense of one of parents (divorce, death and etc.) then relevant official certificate (i.e divorce, death and etc.) must be presented. If it is impossible to present above mentioned then relevant official document must be presented. All documents must be presented with the notary confirmed translation into English language. Additionally, copy of ID of parents should be presented along with official permission letter.
  • For children who go to school, it is necessary to present a reference letter from the relevant school: address and contacts of the school, signature and stamp of the person in charge and reference to the Embassy should be noted in the letter (if not in English - with the notary confirmed translation into English language);
  • Birth certificate of the child (if not in English - with the notary confirmed translation into English language).
  • Documents necessary to prove coverage of trip expenses of the child by the parent or official guardian and their financial capacity: work reference and bank reference + statement (3-6months), copies of IDs. (In case of travelling with one of the parents, it’s recommended to present work references of both parents.)

3) Copy of following documents are necessary:

1. Foreign passport (page(s) with information and signature of passport holder); and copy of all Schengen visas recieved within the last 3 years, if applicable;

2. ID card;

3. Travel insurance for Schengen visa (according to clause 4);

4. Booking of return flight ticket and hotel;

5. Copy of birth certificate (if not in English - with the notary confirmed translation into English language);

6. Copy of ID of parents or official guardian of the child;

7. In case of invitation or other relevant documents, it is necessary to include their copies as well.

All the documents have to be provided in A4 format.

Documents sent from Hungary are accepted in scan version.

The Consul may require additional documents.

If the person is not citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a legal document confirming legitimate staying on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan (i.e. residence permit) has to be submitted. The legal document has to be valid at least 3 months after the return from Hungary.