Appeal Procedure

In case of refusal, applicants may submit a new application or an appeal. Applicants may inquire about the decision on their application in person at the Consulate after appointment scheduling.

Applicants may appeal in person at our Consulate within 8 days of receiving the decision. A written appeal letter has to be submitted that is addressed to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and signed by the applicant. The appeal letter should be written in Hungarian or any official language of the European Union (for example English, German or French). In case of a letter written in a language different from the above, a legalized Hungarian or English language translation of the appeal letter has to be attached. The fee of appeal is 160 EUR for each applicantThis fee cannot be waived or reduced, nor is it refundable after a positive decision following the appeal and it is payable also in cases when the original application was free! Applicants may submit new supporting documents with their appeal and may be required to participate in a personal interview at the Consulate of Hungary in Baku.

The resolution on the appeal may be subject to judicial review that is aimed solely at the lawfulness of the resolution. Therefore, such a lawsuit may only be submitted with reference to a violation of law. The request shall be submitted to the Consulate, within 3 days of receipt of the resolution. There is no immediate fee to be paid to launch the procedure, the fees and litigation costs will be burdened on the party that loses the lawsuit. The competent Hungarian authority is the Administrative and Labour Court that comes to a decision on the lawfulness of the resolution within 8 days of receipt of the request. In case a resolution is found to be unlawful, the Court obliges the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to conduct a new procedure. There is no further legal remedy against the Court's decision.