As of 07/03/2022, all COVID-19 related travel restrictions have been lifted in Hungary. Please note that official, up-to-date information about entry rules can be found on the relevant page of the Hungarian Police (https://www.police.hu/en). Specific questions may be directed to the Budapest Airport Police Directorate (ugyelet@rri.police.huhatarrendfoo@orfk.police.hu;  OR +36 1 290 3121; +361 292 9200). The Consular Section only provides general information!

When submitting applications for a visa, it is the applicants’ responsibility to be aware of the actual conditions and restrictions on traveling to and transiting through Hungary as well as entering third countries. 

Azerbaijani citizens and persons with the right of permanent residence in Azerbaijan, need a valid visa for entering Hungary. About the visa application procedure and needed documents, please see the information available on our website.


- Only as many clients can be present in the reception area that allows maintaining the distance of at least 1.5 m between them;

- The use of hand sanitizer is mandatory upon entering the reception area;

- Applicants can enter the reception area only wearing a mask. The Consulate is not responsible for providing a mask to the client. If the client does not have a mask, entry is prohibited and it is necessary to request a new reception date;

- Before taking fingerprints, applicants should always sanitize their hands with the sanitizer provided by the Consulate;

- The surface of the fingerprint reader of the biometric device is disinfected by consular officers before each use.


I.) Application process

Before booking an appointment for „D” long-term visa to Hungary, you are required to submit all the documents scanned (including the visa application form) via e-mail 5 working days ahead of your visa appointment. Scanning your documents in advance will speed up the application process!

Scanned Document Guidelines:

  • The scanned documents must match the required hard copies;
  • The scanned documents must be in pdf format;
  • All documents should be scanned one by one, in separate files (Application form and Appendix also separately!);
  • The total size of all files combined should be no larger than 8 MB;
  • Applicants must ensure that no parts or pages of the documents are missing and the images/text are clear/readable;
  • The documents should be submitted to the e-mail address consular.bku@mfa.gov.hu
  • The subject of the e-mail should be written in english surname and name of the applicant and his birth date (E.g.: Hajibayli Uzeyir - 30.09.2020 -)
  • Documents not received in time, unreadable or incomplete will be required to be rescanned and resent which may result in a delay in the application process. 

After the preliminary review, the Consular Section will schedule an appointment for the applicant, unless there is a need for adjustments. All documents sent in scanned form must be submitted in person by the applicant to the Consular Section. During the reception, the applicant is photographed, his fingerprints and electronic signature are taken.

The identity card, passport and other original documents required by the applicant at the end of the process must be submitted to the Consular Section together with the copies.     

The Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary only accepts the documents and sends them to the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (Migration Department) in Hungary. The decision regarding the visa is made by the Migration Department in Hungary, not the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary. After sending the documents to the Migration Department, the Consular Section of the Embassy is not responsible for the terms of consideration of the application. The application review process for applicants applying for D type visa, depending on the purpose, may take from 1-3 months. The Migration Office may request additional documents during the process. 

II.) Visa fee

Visa fee for D type visa applicants is 110 EURO.

Visa fee is NOT required from students who receive Stipendium Hungaricum and Erasmus+ Scholarship.

After submission of the documents, the applicant will receive a cheque for payment of visa fee. The visa fee payment can be done ONLY at the Head Office of Azerbaijan International Bank located at Nizami str. 67. The applicant must present payment receipt to the Consular Section on the same day.

III.) Appeal procedure in case of refusal:

In case of refusal, every applicant has the right to appeal the decision. You can find the detailed information under Procedure of Appeal in the consular information of our website.